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The clients for this project had recently acquired an allotment and so a garden that had mainly been used for productive purposes needed a new life. They were very keen to encourage wildlife into their town garden, and so this was given key consideration when designing the space and the planting. An existing pond is enhanced by a new bog garden to the side, and the large lawn has been replaced by a gravel area with cullinary herbs and fragrant plants, leading to a meadow area with mown grass paths taking you to a secluded seating area at the back of the garden, and a small productive area for fruit bushes. 

 The garden will be built in 2021 - Photos to follow. 

Town Wildlife Garden: Project

Services Provided

This project was a full scale redesign. Once the final outline plan had been agreed upon, we moved onto the technical details and planting plan. These included a bespoke design for a pergola, as well as detailed drawings of the garden and bog garden.

Bog Garden .jpg

Customer Favorite

Design for Pergola

Town Wildlife Garden: Inventory
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