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The clients for this project were keen swimmers, and wanted to make the most of their spacious location in the Somerset countryside. They already had a large, well established garden, and wanted a natural swimming pool to be built within their grounds for all the family to enjoy. 

The design features a large 18x4m swimming area, with a planted 'regeneration zone' to filter the water, a small shallow paddling area for younger children which is set back from the pool, a large patio to accommodate loungers and tables and a small decking at the far end of the pool to capture the last of the evening sun. The technical design was completed by The Natural Pool Company and it was built by The Natural Pool Company and Burford Design and Build.

Natural Swimming Pool: Project

Services Provided

The focus of this pool was the large swimming area as the pool is to be mainly used for exercise. The planting zone had to be equal to that of the swimming zone, and we designed a geometric shape to give the whole pool a flowing feel, rather than being a uniform rectangle. We also produced an aquatic planting plan for the pool, and planted the regeneration zone once the pool was built.


Final Design

Planting Plan

Poolside Planting

Finished Pool

Natural Swimming Pool: Inventory
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