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The client for this garden wanted to make the most of their long, sunny garden in Bristol. There were several elements in the garden, such as the decking at the back and the middle paving that were not going to be changed, but we wanted to marry all the aspects together and create a more unified, inviting space. The garden is set over several levels, so we needed to redesign the access from the house to the patio, and then create a joining, greener space leading from the patio to the decking. The client was particularly drawn to mediterranean style planting, but as the main bed is north facing, we could not use traditional Mediterranean plants. Instead, we took the feel and silhouettes of that style of planting and chose plants that would suit that position. There are always ways to fit in your preferred style, it just might take a little extra thought and planning to get us there - but that's half the fun! 
This garden is due to be built in 2021.

Long and Narrow Town Garden: Project
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