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This was a wonderful project to see completed. The client had bought a new build property a few years ago and the garden was a small amount of paving and some turf. Having moved to the city from the countryside, she wanted to inject some life into it. We designed the garden to reflect her needs, and created a planting plan based on the cottage garden style. Small gardens don't have ti be dull - they should bring you joy when you look out on them, and make you want to get out into them! 

 The garden was built by A Moores Landscaping, and planted by Gaia Garden Designs. 

New Build Garden: Project

Services Provided

After our initial meeting, we designed two concepts for this garden and once the client had chosen one we completed all technical drawings needed for the build and a planting plan. We also helped the client find the right contractor for the job and once the build was completed, we sourced the plants and planted the garden.


Garden Before the Redesign

Final Outline Plan

Garden in Construction

New Build Garden: Inventory
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