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The clients for this project had recently renovated their home, and as such they wanted to continue the very high standard of finish from the house into the garden. The clients had two children, and so wanted open space for the children to play as well as private areas. The garden sloped down towards a river at the bottom end, and we wanted to take the garden right up to this point, and to design the garden so that views of the river could be appreciated at different points. As well as a smaller family dining area, the client also wanted a larger space to accommodate guests adjacent to the house. They requested a covered retreat towards the bottom of the garden to overlook the river, and a arched walkway.

Large Country Garden: Project

Services Provided

Taking the client brief into consideration, GGD produced concept designs, and finally the outline plan for the client, and presented it to them along with the axonometric drawing of the retreat at the bottom end of the garden. We then undertook all the technical and design drawings needed to see this project realised. We custom designed the arches for the walkway, produced a planting plan that allowed for interest throughout the year and took in to account the difficult conditions at the bottom of the garden, and produced all the technical details of the hard landscaped areas.

17004-2 - Axonometric Drawing.jpg
17004-4 - Setting out drawing.jpg

Axonometric Drawing

Planting Plan

Setting Out Drawing

Large Country Garden: Inventory
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