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The clients for this project live in a beautiful village, just outside of Grenoble in France. They had recently had a new swimming pool installed by Gaius Terra Aqua and wanted to redesign their garden to suit the beautiful new pool and compliment their stylish interior of their renovated chalet. 

 The property sat on a sloped site, but the client wanted a level area created at the front of the house, with a more relaxed and rustic area at the back of the property, working with the existing levels. A space was also designed for a garden office, though this area is likely to be developed at a later stage. 

 The clients wanted to structural planting around their garden to break up some of the views of surrounding properties, and draw attention to the more picturesque views of their mountain location. We designed a curving scheme, making the most of their large plot, and giving a contemporary and cleaner feel to the front garden, with a new wide tree lined driveway to welcome them into the property. This front garden then links smoothly to the more rustic and rural feeling back garden, which also includes a tree platform designed for their young children. 

 The clients are international and wanted to bring the influences of English and Scandinavian planting into their garden. The garden features large beds to really allow the plants to become a focus of the garden, with pathways created to take you in amongst the stunning planting. 

The garden is in construction and will be completed in 2021.

Large Sloping Garden: Project

Services Provided

After working through the concept to the final outline plan with the clients, we then moved forward with technical details of the garden. For this project, we included design sheets for some key aspects of the garden, so the contractor could see what style of work we wanted to achieve. A detailed planting plan was also produced, and help was given to the client to secure the plants from local nurseries to them.


Design Sheets for Key Elements

Garden in Construction

New Walls and Levelling Taking Place

Large Sloping Garden: Inventory
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